Honey Price in Bangladesh

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The brand name for the honey produced at Shorobor is 'Asal'. Honey is a sweet and viscous substance which is made by bees. The minerals and antioxidants that pure honey contains are among the benefits of honey. Honey helps with mending and is healthy for your heart and blood sugar. It's been more than thousands of years - people are using Honey for Skin. 

Ingredients in Honey:

Honey contains almost 80-85% carbohydrates, 15-17% water, 0.3% proteins, 0.2% ashes, and some other insignificant components  like amino -acid, phenols, pigments, and vitamins etc. 

Benefits of Honey - Asal:

  1. Throughout the world honey is well known for its capability of preventing diseases. Honey has a lot of medicinal properties that enhance the immune system.
  2. Honey is also good for skin and face. It has a lot of moisturizing and nourishing properties which are very significant for skin health.
  3. For boosting memory honey is quite helpful. It is very helpful to enhance our mental health for a long time. According to certain research, honey can aid in the prevention of memory impairments.
  4. One of the greatest natural home treatments for dandruff honey is quite reputed throughout the world for many years.
  5. Honey is well known for its natural energy giving power. People are using honey to improve their physical energy since the ancient time.
  6. Honey works as a natural sedative. The person who has sleep problems honey could be a great medicine for him.

Usage of Honey - Asal:

  1. We can use honey as a healthy alternative to sugar
  2. We can use honey to burn appears to speed healing.
  3. For improving digestion you should take honey.
  4. Use honey for natural hair as a hair conditioner.
  5. Honey helps to build an immune system against Pollen Allergies.